Benefits of the Romanian Deadlift


The Romanian Deadlifts increase the mobility in the hips dues to the straighter leg position. The RDL works your hamstrings and glutes more than a conventional Deadlift because the quads do not contribute much. It also improves dynamic flexibility especially in the hamstrings and the lower back. Below are some of the major benefits of the RDL.

Muscular Hypertrophy

Muscular hypertrophy is a necessary component to the development of force, power, and long term improvements are sports performance. The Romanian deadlift can increase hamstring, glute, and lower back muscle mass while reducing potential injury due to often lighter loads being used. The exercise utilizes semi-locked knees and emphasis on the hamstring, lower back engagement, and glute thus athletes and coaches can better target the important muscle groups with less volume and loading.

Increases Deadlift Performance

The Romanian deadlift can increase the strength in the hamstring, lower back, and hips specific to the conventional deadlift. Many lifters are unable to successfully lift 500lb deadlifts due to lower back and or hamstring strength, making this movement a great accessory lift to develop strong pulls. Know more about fitness in

Enhances Hip, Lower Back, and Hamstring Performance

Many sports and fitness athletes perform deadlifts, snatches, and cleans to enhance the performance of the hamstrings, hip, and lower back. Furthermore, many sports athletes rely on powerful hollow body hip extension and posterior chain performance for acts like sprinting, running, and jumping. The RDL can increase all the muscles involved in such movements, enhance movement patterning, and even assist in resisting injuries caused by lower back stress and dysfunctional loading by increasing the strength and coordination of the glute, hamstring and lower back.

Helps in Preventing Injuries

Inability to control the lumbar, hamstring and glute strength, and proper hanging patterning at the hip joint during deadlifts, cleans and other front-loaded movements can result in excessive lumbar spine instability. If the athlete cannot perform such movements while maintaining a rigid spine, the RDL may be a good option to train proper hip function, create positional awareness and strength and increase muscular hypertrophy. Most often, athletes lack movement awareness, mobility in the hips, flexibility and a general sense of strength and muscle mass needed to progress with loading safely. Posterior chain strength and mechanics inadequacies can most certainly increase the risk of lumbar strain, stress, and injury.

The Romanian deadlift (RDL) is a highly beneficial movement for nearly every athlete, regardless of the sporting or ectomorph training purpose.


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